Introduction: Bishop426

Hey, dudes :slight_smile: I’m new guy, my name is Vasil (just call me bishop :smiley: ), I’m from Republic of Georgia

I’m 43 years old
I’m professional media and game graphics designer.

have played lots of MMO games, the last one was Osiris: new down. I’m happy to be part of Atlas Defense Industries. and I’ll try my best to be a decent org. member, cheers! :wink:

Hi Bishop,

Welcome to ADI. Glad to have you with us. That’s awesome you’re a game graphics designer. I have a small game design company, myself. We’re still working on some projects, nothing big. I hope you find ADI friendly. Best wishes to you as you get settled in.

Welcome Bishop. Great to have you with us.

If and when you jump on Osiris again, hop in mumble and see who all is playing what. Might have some other Osiris gamers playing as well.

Hey Bishop! Welcome to the Org! Awesome to have another veteran gamer join the ranks. If you need anything hit us up and let game together soon!


Hi Bishop,

Welcome to ADI. Looking forward to great things as Star Citizen continues to develop.

Welcome Bishop!

Glad to have you on board and looking forward to gaming with you. I dabbled in graphic design as a teenager, but left it to the pros such as yourself :slight_smile: Would love to see some of your work sometime!


Hey Bishop!

Nice to meet you. That’s really cool that you are a media and game graphics designer, you’ll find there are many people with some cool and varied jobs in this org.

The good thing with ADI is you don’t have to try too hard to be a good member, I’m sure you’ll be great. I look forward to playing with you sometime.

Bishop - I’m so glad you joined up! I think you’re really going to like ADI. Can’t wait to catch you on Mumble and around the verse.

Welcome Bishop!

Glad to see we have people from all over the world joining our ranks! You wont be disappointed!

See you in the verse!


Welcome to ADI!

I somehow feel this is a RSI plant and he actually works on SC…

Anyway have fun man, let us know if you need anything!