Introduction - Beldor

Ahoy Ahoy everyone!

I started playing SC about 2 days ago and have been loving every minute of it. I received an invite to join ADI yesterday and this seems like a relaxed group to join (especially liking the drama free rule!).

A few things about me:
Resource management, strategy, and exploration games are my creative outlet outside of work. I’ve played various games from Lost Ark, No Man’s Sky, Black Desert Online, Divinity 2: Original Sin, Stellaris, and countless others. Star Citizen scratches that space exploration/mining/trading itch I regularly have (sadly no ointment for that, my doctor tells me) so I’m eager to continue learning the tricks of the trade and maybe develop some of my own.

See y’all in the verse!


Welcome! Stellaris is personal favorite of mine, it has changed so much over the years and does the space empire theme really well.

Highly recommend doing the “Basic Training & For Self Certifications” written up by ADI. It is something I wish I had when I first starting playing and learning Star Citizen.

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Welcome to ADI! Looking forward to playing with you.

Welcome to ADI

Welcome to ADI, looking forward to seeing you around!

Welcome welcome Beldor, glad to have you with us! It’s always good to see like-minded folks when it comes to gaming tastes (D:OS2 and NMS, yeah buddy!), makes for more interesting conversations on those long ops. Sounds like you’ll fit right in here! I’ll second Technophi on checking out the BT and Self Certs, there is a wealth of knowledge that’s especially useful for newcomers. Look forward to flying with you soon!

Welcome to ADI - great to have you in the Org - loved myself No Man’s Sky for a bit there (after they ironed out the initial deployment). Looking forward to seeing you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI Beldor.

Welome Beldor. Quite a good list of games you have there. And I know which itch you mean, just waiting for exploration to hit us, and doing some trading in between.

Glad your on board, and hope to fly with you soon.