Introduction - Bam542

Hello all,

Just sent in an Application. Looking to join fleet security.

I’m really excited to be here. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and jump in on the action. I play all manner of games. Played all of Chris Robert’s games back in the day so naturally I am really excited for Star Citizen.

Just got a new computer, my old PC was a potato :neutral_face: I just installed Star Citizen and am eager to get familiar with the controls. I have a Saitek X 52 hotas and an extra Saitek flight stick. Not sure if I am going to go the dual stick route but it seems to be a superior setup for dog fighting. I intend on hopping on mumble to get some opinions from the ADI community.

At the moment I only own the F7C Hornet that I got during the kickstarter but I may acquire more closer to launch. I really like the new Eclipse and some of the heavy fighters. I guess I will have to see how my skills are once they release these ships.

Anyway enough about me, looking forward to meeting and working with you all.

Welcome aboard.

welcome aboard onboarding you now

Welcome to the family Bam.

Onboarding you now aswell :slight_smile:

Greetings from Switzerland

Hey there Bam, welcome to the ADI community from a fellow fleet sec member (though I am slated in the marine group).
Also - congratulations on the new computer, its always a wonderful experience to move from potato to power and get all of those wonderful high FPS rates.

Its great to see people experimenting with the dual stick setup. I use a HOTAS myself and my only word of warning with regard to the dual stick is to keep an eye on your fatigue - working two sticks constantly and having to hold your throttle in place (as opposed to setting your throttle on a HOTAS and only making minor adjustments) could get somewhat tiring in the long run for a longer missions.

If you have any questions about the org, dont hesitate to reach out to myself or a team lead - we should all be able to get you squared away pretty quickly.

Other than that - welcome again! I am sure magee and idefenderz got all of your questions answered, so I look forward to gaming with you.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Bam542!

Sounds like you are interested in Fleet Security? or which division did you end up joining?

Thank you all for the warm welcome.

Big thanks to iDefenderz and Magee for their time and assistance with my onboarding. I think I was in the mumble lobby for all of 2 seconds before iDefenderz popped in to greet me and get the ball rolling. Again big thanks to both for getting me squared away.

@Infandus, thanks for the fatigue warning. I have recently watched a few videos and the biggest complaint about a dual stick setup has been the fatigue factor.

@Spikelite, Yes definitely fleet security. Going to focus on becoming a crew member (Electronic Warfare) as I only have one ship (a civilian Hornet) at the moment.