Introduction - b1gsn3k


Hai everyone! b1gsn3k here, brand new to the 'verse. I picked you guys because you sent me an email as soon as I purchased the game and then I liked your description and rules. I look forward to learning a lot and having the grand adventures XD

Thanks team.


Hey B1gsn3k! Great talking with you tonight! Glad you decided to join up. I think PCS is right up your ally! Look forward to flying with you soon!


Welcome to ADI b1gsn3k. You’ll like it here; lots of helpful people, training exercises, certifications, just jump into Mumble and speak up. There’s many people starting out, just like you and many more who have been playing for months, even years. So welcome to the verse.


feels welcomed :3


Hey glad to welcome you to the game and the org. if you have any questions about anything game related feel free to hit me up any time or join us in mumble there is always something going on or someone around who could answer your questions hope to see you in the verse :slight_smile:


Welcome to ADI, b1! Those rules were made by people who have had a ton of experience in RL and in game. You will find a great bunch of people that will help you make your gaming experience fantastic! See you in game!


Glad we snatched you up, b1gsn3k! ADI will teach you lots. Let’s get you online and onboarded so that we can help you through the learning process. It is always more fun when you play with others. Again, welcome and we will see you online, soon!


Welcome to ADI. What kind of game play you into?


Welcome to ADI, b1gsn3k! Hope to make some fresh adventures in the 'Verse with ya sometime soon, mate.


Welcome to ADI B1gsn3k :slight_smile:

That is awesome. It is always good to start playing SC the best place in the Verse!
Hop on Mumble and Discord to get to know people and they will help you learn the game.

See you in the Verse!


Welcome B1gsn3k, we are a friendly group always happy for new members, you wont be disappointed and we hope to see you in the verse.


Very excited to be here! Its very apparent that this is a top notch collection of good folks, I feel lucky to be here.


Welcome to the Organization B1gSn3k! Glad to have you with us and if its adventure you’re seeking then you’re in the right place! :smiley:


Welcome to the org,

What kind of adventures are you looking for?


Welcome to ADI B1gsn3k. Definitely a bunch of good folks here. See you in the 'Verse!


Hello b1gsn3k glad to have you with us =D, i see you in the verse buddy


Thank you for joining the ADI. Hope to see you soon in the mumble chat.


The adventures I’m after are close calls and high stakes, C-SAR, protection runs, getting into and out of trouble, busting pirates… and making as much credits as possible so i can buy more ships and stuff XD


also I look forward to learning from people’s RL experiences. A wealth of knowledge and lessons learned the hard way. Much respect for you guys’ journeys I look forward to gettin to know ya!


Welcome aboard b1gn3k, glad to have you here at ADI! I also look forward to seeing you soon here in the 'verse!