Introduction: AWOK3N

Hello everyone, I’m AWOK3N - pun intended. I’m 27 years old currently residing in Las Vegas. Love combat and flight simulation. Looking forward to becoming defense and combat specialist among large escort runs… As well as ground support for gritty situations. I’d like to continue to improve my combat prowess and provide a couple laughs along the way. My dream here would be to join an elite ADI task force responsible for executing difficult tasks quick and efficiently.

Thank you for you consideration,

Hello AWOK3N and welcome to ADI! We’re glad to have you in the Org!

I’m in C+T, so I think we might be seeing a lot of each other on those high value cargo runs. I’m really looking forward to when we do Org operations like that. In the meantime, you should consider joining us for flight night every Friday. It’s a great way to learn how me communicate and operate when flying as a group. Also, you can almost always find pilots in the PU on Mumble for a more informal flying experience.

If you have any issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to find me on Mumble or shoot me a PM and I’ll do my best to help.

Again, welcome, and I’ll see you in the 'Verse!

Thanks ShapCap!
When is Friday night for you? I’m interested in tagging along but I know everyone is on different time zones. Is that PST? Really looking forward to see how everyone operates. It’s good to know I have a friend in the Verse!

Welcome to the family AWOK3N.

Make sure you drop in on Discord and Mumble and have a talk or two with everyone :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meet. you.

Greetings from Switzerland

Hey there AWOK3N - welcome to the ADI community - its great to have you joining us.

Based on your introduction - you should fit in just fine here.
I’m a marine and fleetsec member myself, so I expect that we will be spending a lot of time together when the game releases (at some point in the theoretically attainable future).

If you have any lingering questions about the org or its policies after your onboarding, dont hesitate to reach out to myself or a TL - we can be reached here on the forums, on discord, or on mumble if you see us active.

Other than that, welcome again and I look forward to gaming with you.
Dont be a stranger - all of our members are welcome to join the activities and community gaming on mumble.

Hello and welcome to ADI AWOK3N. I admire your determination and look forward to getting to fly and fight along side you! Happy hunting!

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries AWOK3N!

I hope to see you at the next flight night!

Hello AWOK3N,

Welcome to ADI. I’m glad you are here. I’m also currently looking for capital ship ops, but I also have interest in Exploration, Commerce and Resource Acquisition. So many things to do here! Feel free to PM if you need any information or assistance.

Just to reiterate, jump into Mumble and get to know some of the team who are online.

See you out there…

Welcome aboard!