Introduction - Atlas_Dynamics

Hello I’m Atlas, I’m 21, I’m part of my countries marine reserve, I’m highly interested in the history and the engineering behind weapons and how they came to be, my hobbies revolved around guns (self explanatory), videogames, and hiking!

I’m looking forward to meeting you all in the 'verse! :slight_smile:


Welcome Atlas to ADI and Fleet Security Marines. It was a pleasure to onboard you and looking forward to playing alongside you in the marines. Any questions or help you need please feel free to always ask any of us as we are all here to help.

an Atlas in Atlas?? Thats cool Welcome Bud!

Welcome to ADI
Remember Royal likes the red ones and your all set!

Welcome to ADI @Atlas_Dynamics. Hope you enjoy your time with the Org.

Welcome to ADI, how long have you been playing Star Citizen? Do you have any professions that interest you so far?

Hehe, that’s the first thought that came into mind, an org with the same name, had to hop in :slight_smile:

So far, mercenary work, ship combat, PvPvE, mostly combat related, can do mining and hauling no problem

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great to see your enjoying your time so far with us

Welcome to ADI

Welcome to ADI, Atlas_Dynamics.