Introduction - astropiloto

Hello! I am a new player, and am excited to join an organization like ADI. From seeing the community from afar, this looks like a great game as well as a extremely welcoming community. Hope to get to know folks better!


Welcome to ADI, @astropiloto! I’m glad your first impressions of the organisation are good ones; we strive to be as welcoming and as helpful as possible. Let us know if you have any questions! Hope to see you around!

There are a lot of wonderful people in this Org, and we are happy to have you! Welcome to ADI Astropiloto!

Welcome to ADI @astropiloto! I look forward to hanging out in-game. As a new player, what part of SC is drawing you in the most?

Welcome to ADI astropiloto, I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in ADI’s mass org ops.

Hi Astro, this is a great community. What are you enjoying in SC ATM? Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI @astropiloto !

This is a great org to learn the game with. If you have any questions just ask. Looking forward to traveling with you in the 'verse.

Hello and welcome @astropiloto! Glad you found us! What have you liked most so far in star citizen?

Hi everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome. So far I’ve really just enjoyed exploring locales and learning my way around the game. There is so much to see and do, and the attention to detail is amazing!



Welcome to ADI, what side of the game are you most interested in getting into?

Glad to have you on the team and I will see you around!

Welcome to ADI astropiloto. I hope you enjoy it here and you found what you are looking for. Don’t forget to check the forums regularly and SIGN UP for anything that interests you.

Welcome to ADI! You are right about the game and it’s community. This is one of the most friendly player community’s for any game I have ever seen. Since you are a new player, I would highly recommend doing a few ops when you get a chance. They are a fantastic way to learn the game, pick up tips and tricks, as well as to meet a whole bunch of our members. And don’t hesitate to ask at any time if you have any questions. We are more than happy to help out :slight_smile: See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI. This community is great. If you have any questions just ask on Discord or Mumble. Also mumbled is a great way to party up and check out the game or try some different ships.

There really is a lot to see and do. Where have you enjoyed most so far?

Welcome to ADI Astropiloto, look forward to flying with you!