Introduction : Arkwys

Hello there! My name is Arkwys (ingame also), I just bought the game three days ago and got an email to join this organisation! Don’t know what I got myself into but hope it’s good :smiley: Looking forward to playing/chatting with you guys.

What interest me ingame :

  • Mining (Have not tried yet)
  • ‘‘Bunker’’ Mission (Favorite Mission Type so far)

About me :

  • Fluent in both French and English
  • Studies in computer programming
  • Lives in Canada

Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen Arkwys! This is a great group to explore SC with. I look forward to joining you in the "Verse!

Hello and welcome to ADI, Arkwys. You’ll find that we have a lot of experienced miners, I’m sure they’ll be more then willing to help you out. Hope to see you in verse!

Hello Arkwys and welcome to ADI! You have joined a great Organization. Check our calendar for training in both interest you listed. I look forward to having fun with you.

Hello and welcome to ADI. Hopefully I’ll see you in mumble soon

Welcome Ark! If you ever wanna group up for bunkers or 890 jump missions hit me up. Never hurts to have someone else with a medgun present.

Welcome aboard Arkwys, I look forward to getting to know you better and am excited to see how you like Star Citizen! See you in the Verse!

Welcome to Star Citizen and ADI! Oh, trust me, you have no idea the depths of what you’ve gotten yourself into. I’m still learning how deep the rabbit hole goes. LOL 2 pieces of advice… 1- Hide your payment information when you are anywhere near this game. 2 - Start rehearsing the phrase “it’s a feature”. LOL Hope to crew up with you sometime. Cheers

What do you mean payment information? Like my bank account ingame?

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LOL! Oh, just that you buy your starter ship. Then, you crew with someone, want their ship, and buy it. Then you crew with someone else, and buy that ship. Then, before you know it, you own a fleet including an 890 Jump. LOL

Welcome Arkwys :slight_smile:

I hope you find what you are looking for ! :sunglasses:

I also lives in Canada (Quebec/Montreal)…
Looking forward to chat with you one of those days!


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