Introduction | Arkimos

Hi everyone!

My name is Julien AKA Arkimos, I’m from France and I’m 21 years old. I’ve been playing Star Citizen for almost a month now and after receiving an invitation from AID, I thought that this would be a great time to join you guys!
I only have one ship at the moment, an Aurora, and I was looking forward to try new ships, maybe mining ships or even transport ships.
I would love to try a bit of everything before really deciding in which area I want to specialize myself.
Finally, I use to play a lot of Arma 2 and 3 so beeing a marine could be nice too!

See you soon in the verse!

Hey Julien and welcome to ADI :slight_smile:

Always room for new guys.
We have a lot of active members so feel from to hop on Mumble and Discord.
If you fly with some of the people there you can borrow some of their ships to try them out.

Welcome Arkimos to ADI! To be able to experience Star Citizen for the first time even at this stage of the game it’s simply mind blowing.

Lots of us have a bunch of ships - just get in mumble once you join and ask to borrow ships - shouldn’t have any problems!

Heylo Arkimos, welcome to ADI!

Aurora is a good starter ship-, if there are any you want to try or didn’t get to during the anniversity free fly thing i am sure some one in the org has it and would be willing to let you take it out.

Welcome, Arkimos! An aurora is all you need to play the game. We can help you try out other ships and make UEC. We are constantly doing cargo runs and flying around as a group. Join us when you get a chance.

Wlecome to ADI Arkimos

An Aurora is a great start to flying around and with rentals you’ll get a chance to test out a broad group of ships from single seat fighters to mining craft, multi crew cargo runners, and so on. Also welcome!

Hey Arkimos!

Welcome to ADI! I’m a huge fan of mining, especially in star citizen! have you been able to see how mining works in SC?

Welcome to ADI Arkimos!

Star Citizen is much more fun with a group. There will be many opportunities to joins others and experience all the game has to offer. Hope to see you around!

Welcome to the org. glad to have you with us =D, i see you in the verse

Bienvenue Arkimos!

We are in different timezone but if we catch each other let me know which ship you’d like to try I’d be willing to summon one for you if I have it