Introduction - aqebbz


Hello! My username is aqebbz, and I enjoy long walks on Delmar, clown cars, and teamwork. What I value most in a game is how multiple players can coordinate and accomplish goals, and I enjoy participating in a team. Im open to any roles, including tactical operations, to engineering, and exploration.


Welcome! We often look like were coming out a teamwork clown car so…

Look forward to flying with you!


When you say clown cars, are you talking about the Greycat?


actually, I was referring to the mustang beta, but that works too :grin:


Welcome! Can we go clown car 'sploring in a greycat?


How dare you, the mustang series is the best of all series, there is nothing like having to squat in your own cockpit hallway. :rofl:


Hello aqebbz welcome to ADI I think you will fit right in here looking forward to seeing you in the verc and in mumble


Welcome Aqebbz! Glad to have you with us at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to fly with. What ships are you currently flying? Hope to see you in the Verse!


Welcome aboard ADI Aqebbz! We are glad that you chose ADI as your Star Citizen home! I first had a Delta which at first was a good little fighter, and then they reworked them and ended up in a Delta Alpha, not much of a fighter then. If you can and want to spend the money, get a Cutlass Black. I call it the pickup truck or attack helicopter of Star Citizen. In ADI, we usually use Cutlass Blacks as the transports and Search and Rescue. Now there are certain people here that think the Freelancer is the pickup truck of Star Citizen but I beg a differ, that is more like an 18 wheeler of Star Citizen. Anyway, hope that your stay with us is just as pleasant or more than the rest of us staff and seasoned players.

Hope to see you soon in the Verse!


Welcome to the team Aqebbz. ADI is absolutely the right place for working as a coordinated team. See you in the Verse!


Welcome to the family aqebbz. I look forward to running ops with you.


Hello aqebbz and welcome to ADI! Team work is a very important part of ADI. The members and leaders of ADI work hard to ensure that the highest level of gameplay and success are met. Be sure to check out the cert training and the OPS that are available to you. Jump into mumble and get into a group, you will not be disappointed! See you in game!


Im currently flying a Mustang Beta, but ill probably upgrade to a cutlass black or a freelancer eventually.


Great teaming up with you today on bunker busting and you should get a Cutlass Black, it’s a great ship for the price! That’s what I currently own. And when you are ready for a Freelancer, still keep the Cutlass.


Welcome aqebbz! team work is a key part of what we do in ADI as it’s very important and needed when trying to conduct business in the 'verse! Glad to see you chose us to call home and I look forward to playing with you!


Welcome to ADI. glad to have you. You’ve joined an awesome org with a friendly and helpful playerbase. looking forward to flying with you in the verse.


Welcome to ADI Aqwbbz :slight_smile:

You can to the right place. We have a lot of active members and we do team up all the time.

See you in the Verse!


Welcome to ADI aqebbz =D, if you have any questions feel free to ask other i see you in the verse


Welcome aqebbz,

I think we already talked a bit on mumble, but if I didn’t explicitly say it, welcome to the team man. We seem to have some overlapping interest so I’m sure we will work together at some point. Until then let me know if I can help out.



Glad to have another team player join the Org Aqebbz sounds like quite the choices for ships and roles there as well! Feel free to ask questions and such as they come to you and someone’ll be around to help :slight_smile: