Introduction: AmpRC

Hello. New player signing up!
I’d like to learn the game and really looking forward meeting you all from ADI.

Welcome aboard, AmpRC! Lots to do in SC now. Look forward to seeing you in the 'verse. What ship(s) did you pick out?

Hey welcome. It’s a great game with frustrating issues. You’ll regularly have to be patient and remind yourself it’s still being made. One day it’ll be great.

Welcome aboard Amp RC, feel free to ask any questions, we are all here to help.

Welcome AmpRC to ADI! What kind of game play are you interested in?

Just got the starter pack with Titan Avenger with 120 months insurance, SQ42 included.

Don’t know yet, joined mining division but I’m going to try out and see what my options are.

There are always people looking for help with missions etc. See you online!

Welcome to ADI AmpRC! Glad to have you onboard and looking forward to meeting you out there!

Hello Amp, Welcome to the group, glad you are here. would love to show you around the verse sometime. See you there!

Welcome to ADI AmpRC. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing you in our org’s mass ops.

Welcome to ADI AmpRC! Lesson one for learning the game - bugs are life, they provide hours of endless amusement when they make things not work as expected. Grab some of us and enjoy the ride. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI AmpRC! I have a Prospector and Mole you can borrow if you wanna try out some mining. Throw me a friend invite if your interested. See you around the verse!

Wow, thanks! I’ll throw you a friends request :slight_smile:

Kul med ännu en svensk i organisationen =)
Hoppas att vi får tillfälle att spela någon dag framöver =)

Hello there. Welcome to ADI. We are glad to have you onboard. There’s lots to do in this community. Go ahead and pick the division you are interested in, also, hop on mumble lobby so we can fly together

Lets blow stuff up together real soon, welcome

Warm welcome to the org Amp, looking forward to hanging with you in the 'verse :slight_smile: