Introduction: Ameruk

Hello names Ameruk. I live in Texas. Have played some Star citizens and gotten to love playing it. I like mining aspect and cargo ( especially Trading and ore hulling). and yes i did get the c2 as i like it and the real life aircraft it been inspired by. Hope to have fun with this org.


Hey man Welcome to ADI, congrats on taking the first steps on joining the best ORG in the verse. I saw you said you live in Texas, Where at if I may ask? oh and man I can’t WAIT till the Hercules Series comes out.

I live in the Dallas-Fortworth area. Im waiting to play Star Cizten again when C2 comes out

Welcome to ADI @Ameruk
Looking forward to meeting in the Verse :smile:

Hi Ameruk, welcome to ADI!

Hi Ameruk and Welcome to ADI,

If mining is your jam, make sure to check out the calendar for the next Mining Operation, Organised by our Mining and Salvage Division, they are really good fun and include also Security escorts from Private Contracts Security to make sure you make it your destination safely.

Glad to have you onboard, and hope to chat on Mumble to :slight_smile:

Hey Ameruk welcome to the ORG hope to seeing you around, also I’m in McKinney, Where in DFW are you if i may ask.

Welcome to ADI Ameruk! Glad to hear your enjoying star citizen, what ships are you rocking?

Greetings Ameruk and welcome to Atlas and congratulaltions on the C2! It’s shaping up to be a great ship and released theoretically soon. feel free to ask around if you’ve got questions and need a hand!

Welcome, Ameruk!

As others have mentioned, I really recommend checking out the weekly mining exercises! See you around!

Welcome to ADI, Look forward to flying with you real soon!

Welcome to ADI Ameruk. I’m glad you joined the team. You’ll find many fellow Texans here in ADI. I’m also glad you like mining. I look forward to your participation in ADI’s weekly mining exercises. Cheers

Yes, come over to the commerce side!

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