Introduction: alexgoca


Hello my name is Alexan Gomez and I go by alexgoca in the game. I am new in the game and I am here to learn and help others.


Welcome to ADI and to Star Citizen in whole. Looking forward to flying with you AlexGoca, what are you most excited about?


Welcome to ADI alexagom. Once you’re all done with your on-boarding we’re in mumble to fly with you. Hope to see you in the verse very soon.


Welcome to ADI Alexgoca glad to have you on board . You need anything just ask . Hope to see you in mumble soon


Welcome to ADI Alexgoca. You’ve picked a great place to learn the game. Hop into Mumble and don’t be shy. We’re all here to help!


Welcome! Look forward to flying with ya out in the verse! Feel free to ask any questions, we’re always willing to help!


Welcome to ADI Alexgoca :slight_smile:

Nice to have you with us.
We have a lot of active members that can help you out.

See you in the Verse!


Welcome Alexgoca! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to learn the game, chill, make friends and have fun. What ships are you currently flying? Hope to see you in the Verse!


you’ve came to the right place! we have a ton of people who are very experienced in Star Citizen and all the members love to answer questions and help new players out. Welcome to ADI and looking forward to flying with you


Welcome aboard to ADI Alex, I hope your first night was a good one? We are pleased that you chose our fine organization to be your Star Citizen home. Hope to see you in this weekend’s Official Operation, or in an impromptu Unofficial Operation during the week, or just around the verse in our ranks. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them at any time.


Welcome to ADI Alexgoca. Glad to see you sign up with us. Hope to see you on this weekend for the OP.


Welcome aboard :slight_smile:


Hello Alex and welcome to Star Citizen and ADI, happy to see you chose us as your exclusive ingame org and I look forward to helping you get used to the game, there’s always plenty to do so you’ll never stop learning when you’re with us!


Welcome, Alex! It was good onboarding you this evening! See you in the 'Verse soon!


Welcome to ADI Alex, we are happy to have someone with qualities yours. If you have any questions. Feel free to ask and I’ll see you in the verse.


Hello Alex and welcome to ADI! ADI is a great place to start when you are new. We have some great Cert classes that will help you get some basics down. There are Ops that you can participate in and those are always a blast! The members and leadership are the best, here in ADI. I hope to see you in the Verse!


Greetings Alexgoca, great to see you and glad to have you aboard here at ADI! Looking forward to flying with you here soon in the 'verse!


Hello Alexgoca and welcome,

You’ve joined a great org to learn the ropes and enjoy for the long haul!

What are you specific interests in SC and what ships are you looking at / already have?

See you in the 'verse


Welcome alexgoca,

Welcome aboard Alexan. Were here to help and to learn to work together. If you need anything let me know.



Welcome to ADI alexgoca. You will find that there are many experienced players in ADI, only too willing to stop what they’re doing to help you with whatever you need; me among them. If you need anything just ask.