Introduction - Acrona


I first pledged in 2015 and put it on the backburner and now see this is actually a game… with things to do! While not complete, I’m having fun nonetheless. My gaming CV includes a multiboxing fiend of Eve Online since 03’. I’m also a private pilot, budding pianist, biomed business admin, market trader, and toy Poodle parent.

Star Citizen Accomplishments in First 24hrs

  • Cutlass Destroyed
    Mission: Delivery / Perpetrator: Planet / Damage Type: Ground / Conditions: Super Dark / Equipment Lost: Everything / Black Box Recording: “…oh dear…fu”

  • Next Accomplishment Coming Soon!

I was invited to join ADI - thank you! It’s nice to see so many great knowledge resources on your website!

I’m flying an Andromeda if anyone needs a ride or a turret :slight_smile:

  • Taking recommendations for flight controls -

Welcome to ADI Acrona. I was same as you. I pledged back in 2012, but only started playing the game last month. I too have also slammed into many a planet and stations, and still do!
And welcome to the connie club. I have the Phoenix and I use that ship every day.

Welcome to ADI. See you in Mumble

Glad to have another real pilot in the org! Make sure to checkout the Fleet Security group and start jumping into the flight certs. Hope you enjoy it here.

Welcome to ADI ! Looking forward to flying with you !

welcome aboard! Im hoping to get some of that beautiful night vision one of these days. haha we shall see tho right. and having peripherals are a big game changer IMO but it all depends on your price range. feel free to jump in the mumble chat and ask away. o7

Welcome to ADI! Look forward to seeing you in the verse.

Thanks very much!

Just getting my setup sorted and I’ll be right as rain… I’ll join mumble this weekend, just getting my shure mic up and running.

This game is crazy frustrating at times, ugh lol.

I go to a lot of trouble mining then someone rams me at a mining facility as I take off, I die, then i’m in prison… then someone chases me around trying to shoot at me, I hack a term to remove crime stat that I didn’t have, then I die bc of a mining facility door that boots me far into the sky and I fall to my death… I try to sit in a seat in my ship and I get dropped to desktop… log back in and its a 45min wait bc my ship just disappeared from the hanger and all after I had just waited 45min to claim the ship minutes earlier… Lovely…

But I love this game anyway, hah!

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Welcome to ADI