Introduction: ace7926

Hi, I’m ace7926!

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been seeing a ridiculous amount of star citizen content, and low and behold I realized I finally own a machine with the proper hardware to support it. So I jumped in, received an email from ADI, and decided it sounded like a fun place for me to make some friends in the verse. I haven’t been playing the game long, but have a fairly large catalog of survival games I’ve played over the years and predominantly play games like this for the solo pilot/fps aspect but am totally into trying anything. I am definitely looking for some people to show me the ropes and give me some support in-game when it comes to the economy/trading/ other key features.

As for my star citizen activity so far:
I usually run some mercenary missions or go after some bounties. Most recently I helped defend JT from pirates/griefers with a small crew.

Thank you for reading my intro!


Hello Ace, and welcome! I saw you in the Lobby, but Natec22 got to you before I could jump in and say hi. I hope you didn’t have to wait too long up there. I hope you make it through the onboarding, and wish you a good time here at ADI.

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Hey, welcome. I have never done a “box mission” lol… I got a inferno for some bounties I do randomly… Hope to see you in the org!

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Welcome to ADI ace7926. I’m glad you joined the team. As the director of ADI’s Mining & Salvage division I hope you’ll find time to join us in our mining ops.

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Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen ace! I’m glad you joined the team!

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Welcome to ADI

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Welcome to Star Citizen and ADI! I trust you will find a great group of folks online at almost any time of day or night. Be sure to check the calendar for trainings and Org Ops. They are a great way to meet great folks and learn the ropes. Hope to see you around the 'verse!

Welcome to ADI ace7926! I’m glad to see your enjoying Star Citizen and will be willing to help you learn anything I can, especially what not to do :slight_smile: . See you in the verse soon.

Welcome to the world of ADI! If you want to get into something shoot me a message or @ me …im normally in mumble if you want to get ahold of me that way…i mainly mine but im always down for what ever! See you around the verse!

Welcome to the team, ace7926! Glad to have you on board. CIG has plans to lessen the hardware requirement in the future. It will only get better.

Hope to see you in the next Op.

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