Introduction: A1deux


My name is A1deux, and I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to SC specifically, though I do have experience in other space sims like Elite Dangerous and NMS, where I really enjoy exploring and combat. I think what I was really missing in SC was a community to continually give me purpose and drive in-game, and as the game continues to be improved, I look forward to improving along with everyone here! I’m definitely excited to embark on a new journey with this community!

Hello buddy. Welcome to ADI. I’m sure you are gonna have lots of fun with this game and even more with the awesome people who make up the community. There’s gonna be a lot of learning to do in the beginning but you can always count on us . Let me know when you want to fly together. See you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI! There is no better way to explore all the game has to offer than with a group. And we are always willing to help out and teach people how to do just about anything. See you in the verse!

Hello A1deux and welcome! ADI is great for our very active and helpful membership that open up so much more fun in the game. Plenty of fun combat and exploring to do, with a lot more to come from both the game and ADI, as we provide you with good friends and knowledge. Happy to fly with you some time!

Welcome to ADI A1deux! ADI is the place to be for community play, and it’s only going to get better as the game gets more complete. See you around the verse!

This map I created is standard issue for those new to SC. :slight_smile: Stanton System Map

Welcome aboard, A1deux, and welcome to our community! Lotsof opportunities for team play with ADI, from casual evening activities to structured operations. What ship(s) did you pick out? See you in the 'verse.

If you love exploring be sure to get on someones Carrack. Amazing ship. Welcome aboard

Hi and welcome to ADI A1deux! We really do have a fantastic community here, looking forward to meeting you in Mumble!

Hello A1deux, Welcome to the group, I think you will definitely find purpose here, ADI has a lot to offer and is a really fun group to play with. See you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI A1deux! Many NMS and ED players in the org. You will find some things that are similar in SC and things that are totally different. If you need help or advice just ask!

Welcome to ADI!
Nice to have you in the org!

Hi and Welcome to ADI. SC is different from other space sims of course. Plenty to do and more then just that.

Welcome to ADI Schnuggs. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you.

Hi A1deux welcome to ADI

Welcome aboard A1deux, look forward to flying with you soon!