Introduction: 6shots

Hi names Bailey from the UK all my friends call me shots new to star citizen and saw the invite looking to learn and have a good time cant lie never really played games that much only like call of duty never had the money so was always out. Using games too keep me out of trouble as I’m joining marines next year. Wont be on mumble yet as i hurt my throat in an altercation so hurts to talk hopefully heal up soon and normally playing from 4 pm or later due to gang intervention course I’m in looking forward to playing with you all as I’ve never been in a group like this so hope to meet you all soon.


Hey, you made it. Welcome to ADI! See you in the game soon.


You will be happy to hear that we have quite a few vets here in the org, and maybe a handful or two active duty personnel. What peaked your interest in Star Citizen?

Welcome to ADI, @6shots! Hope you get better soon; it’s always nice to hear a new voice on Mumble!

What got me to buy it was the immersion in the game now I’m finally playing I just can’t get over how big the game is and how many different things u can do. I wanna try the FPS aspect of the game now as i haven’t had the chance

Welcome 6shots, Don’t forget to jump in mumble and finish your onboarding.

Welcome @6shots !

Great org to join if you want to learn the game. If you have any questions just ask. Hope to travel with you in the 'verse.

Welcome to ADI. I hope your throat feels better soon. In the meantime you can ask questions on Discord, and later you can hop on Mumble and party up. Take care.

Welcome to ADI @6shots! Sounds like some friends to play with will do you some good. We have a great community to group up with (and maybe get into some trouble in game, lol.) If you’re into fps mostly we have marine training this weekend, I highly suggest you join, it’s very good training and after you can join in org ops to get more trigger time! Check the calendar for training ops. See you in the verse!


Welcome to ADI. Good idea on gaming to stay out of trouble prior to joining up. I almost blew it before I entered the Marines a couple of times.

So as a not so long ago new guy myself I have a recommendation for you. Jump in with both feet! Knock out your Self Certs. Do the Marine Basic Training & Flying Boxes. Lot’s to be learned in there.

Hello Bailey, Welcome to ADI! Hope your throat gets better soon. You picked a great group to join. So what is your favorite SC ship? See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI 6shots. I look forward to hearing from your down the road.

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