Introduction: 5haie

Hi im Shaie (you pronounce it shay) i bought the game yesterday and i just need help with the learning curve and find some people to play with. I’m really relaxed and i always have a laugh so i always like to find casual people who like to have a laugh. I only have an the Aurura Mr and the freelancer as i just want to try out the game and im interested in doing cargo or trading maybe a little bit of combat here and there.

Happy to help you learn the ropes, and by ropes I of course mean bugs. Welcome aboard

Welcome aboard! There is a wealth of knowledge and plenty of people happy to share it within ADI. The aurora and the freelancer are both great ships. The freelancer makes a surprisingly decent gunship once you upgrade components.

What control setup are you using? Mouse and keyboard?

Welcome to ADI Shaie! If you have any questions about game play or ships and components just ask on mumble. Everyday we have groups running missions and bounty hunting, you will learn allot joining those groups.

Hi Shaie, Welcome to ADI and to Star Citizen, glad you’re here. I would love todo some cargo runs with you in the near future, I have a large enough ship we can get some good UEC credits :slight_smile: see you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Shaie! This game has a pretty fast learning curve, folks are really helpful here too!

Welcome to ADI! Like everyone else I am glad to help you with any problems you have. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Shaie, and welcome to the verse! Always up for an adventure and a laugh :wink:

Welcome to ADI Shaie. I’m glad you joined the team, and I think you will be too.

Welcome to ADI!
I hope you enjoy the verse! Be sure go get on mumble if you need help or backup =)

What up Shaye. Welcome to ADI. I’ve got some big ships so if you are ever after some exploring let me know and we will own the verse

Welcome to ADI Shaie! You have an excellent start with those two ships. And you won’t find a more helpful group to show you the ropes then here :slight_smile: Let the good times roll, and see you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Shaie hope you enjoy the game and wouldnt recommend doing cargo ATM till the next patch for stability.

Welcome to ADI. There can be a big learning curve to Star Citizen, feel free to ask any questions you have as we are all here to help. Hope to fly with you soon.

welcome to ADI its always a learning curve

Welcome to ADI Shaie! We have many ships you can fly (and crash if you are like me)! Hope to see you around!

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