Introduciton: Sgoest

New to SC(~a week), been mainly running orphanage deliveries and Laranite runs from PO to get myself off of the ground. Looking to get into mining and other industry work as I become more familiar with the game. Found out about ADI through Jayc streams and excited for a broader network of players to interact with.

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Hi Sgoest, welcome to ADI.

Never mind, ignore this since no inclusion for the hard of hearing. Sorry I can’t join up with ADI, really was looking forward to playing in more of a group in the verse.

I’m sorry, but we require all members to be able to communicate over voice in English. We have a note on the Join ADI page on our website.

All members of ADI are required to use our voice communications server.

This happens once a month or so, somebody will not be able to communicate over mumble and we have to turn them away, but strong voice communication makes for a better and more effective playing enviroment.

Sorry to see somebody turned away, is there no option for text to speech or something like that? Hate to see anybody excluded but after seeing our fleet ops and fast- paced communications, i totally agree.

I understand English and can speak it it’s just some effort for me to follow along in conversations and carry them. I can do callouts if need be and am not 100% deaf I was told by jayc in a chat during his stream to explain a bit more seeing as the recruiters I spoke with had varying understanding of my situation.

To be clear, I said you needed to complete the onboarding process via voice comms, if you could do that then we can let you join ADI.

We can not do an onboarding via text chat in part or in whole under any circumstance.

That has always been our standard and still is.

Yes you were perfectly clear last night in your non subtitled stream.

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Greetings Sgoest, Welcome to ADI. I have similar interests, mostly mining and trucking laranite. I look forward to seeing you in the verse.

Hi Sgoest,

Welcome to ADI.

We have a lot friendly people here so you can find players on mumble throughout most hours of the day. Feel free to ask around about mining, industry and trading and such. We love to help new players get into the game and have a good gaming experience.

Welcome to ADI, I am glad to have you on board. Keep checking the forums and SIGN up for any operations and training that interest you and I will see you out there on Mumble.

Welcome to ADI Sgoest! I apologize for any confusion yesterday and glad you were able to join us. I truly hope that this becomes a great home for you. And if you ever need some crew, do not hesitate to ask. Again, welcome, and see you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Sgoest! I loo forward to playing with you and doing some trade runs together.

Welcome aboard, Sgoest. Glad you got everything worked out! I am looking forward to getting to know more about you. See ya in the verse!

Hey Welcome @Sgoest to the org. I have a bunch of ships that you are welome to try out whenever you want. My best one is probably the Carrack. Ya Jayc streams are getting more and more popular. He is our fearless leader of course. Anyway, welcome and see ya in the verse. I don’t know much about mining yet. I wanna learn more about that also…

Not a problem excited to be here and get to enjoy the verse with some more players.

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Welcome Sgoest, glad to have you onboard. Mining, trading, and industry will all be vitally important to keeping ADI going in the game years to come. I personally like trading and flying big ships…not much on combat craft, but I’m working on my skills. Plenty to see and do here; be sure to check the Forums for upcoming missions and training opportunities. If you’re interested in flying different ships ask around when you’re in Mumble, someone will probably have what you want to try. Look forward to seeing you around the Verse!

Warm welcome @Sgoest ,
Happy that the situation got cleared and that you are in.

Just let me know if you need a wingman or crew for the mining.

In terms of trading I recommending checking out Pheonix Lucrors guide to trading here:


That’s a cool guide, I’m a little past the early steps and learned a lot of the basic lessons the harder way but I’ve been doing laranite runs and making a steady profit. Took the opportunity to invest some of it back into my ship yesterday and am working my way back to the 500k point, early days yet but looking forward to the next step, I think a freelancer MAX is in my future.

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The Freelancer MAX is an awesomelooking ship in my book.
I haven’t actually checked one out yet.