Introducion: Volkkan

Hello, I am Volkkan, I live in the Eastern United States and I am new to Star Citizen looking for a top notch organization to fly around the verse with. I am mainly interested in the trading and exploration aspects of the game, but I’d be willing to try each part of game with the right people guiding me along.

I look forward to potentially flying with all of you!

Welcome to a fellow East Coaster, Volkkan. You have chosen a great place to call home in SC. We have folks active in all aspects of the game to help get you settled in the verse. Look forward to flying with you.

Welcome to ADI Volkkan! I have lived on the east coast, and plan to once again some day. What are you looking to fly?

Welcome to ADI Volkkan. ADI functions with a strong mentoring spirit. It’s a great org to be a part of. Jump onto Mumble, engage in Discord chat, volunteer and immerse yourself in the organization. The division Exploration &Survey is the place for you. I’m a survey scout. We’re not very active right now so I use this time to hone my skills, get certifications, make cargo runs, volunteer in the ops missions and learn about the game. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome, Volkkan! We do quite a bit of trading most every night, just hop in mumble and we can show ya the ropes! Hope to see you soon!

Welcome to ADI Volkkan :slight_smile:

Awesome you joined us. hop on Mumble to find people to fly with.

See you in the Verse!

Hi Volkkan,

I’m a fellow trader (and explorer). What ships you got? We’re kicking the heck out of Freelancer MAX that’s a freebie in January. Join on in and enjoy - we have a few hardcore haulers on every day.

Welcome to ADI !

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Hello and welcome to ADI, Volk! I think you will like ADI and what they can offer you! Make sure you get to check out the certs and OPs available to you. See you in the Verse!

Hello there Volkkan, great to see you here aboard with ADI! Happy to see another trading entrepreneur in the mix. Looking forward as well to soon be flying with you in the 'verse!

welcome to the org Volkkan. When your flying with us your never in the verse alone any time you run into a snag you can always get help from us catch you in the verse :slight_smile:

Welcome, Volkkan. If you are looking for top notch, I think you have come to the right place but I am also pretty biased. Exploration is what I am most interested in, too. Hopefully we get some more game mechanics but I am excited to see what CIG produces. They did an awesome job with mining so I can only imagine what exploration will look like. See you, soon!

Greetings Volkkan,

Welcome to ADI. I live in the western US (Arizona), so I probably wont see you around as much on the week days. We do a fair bit of trading right now, mostly because it actually works, and I’m looking forward to exploration. I’ll see you around eventually, I’m glad you joined up.


Welcome to the org Volkkan, Space exploration will be great and many of us cant wait for new planets to be put in game soon. You picked good people to join so if you have any questions, fell free to ask. See you in the verse.

Hey Volkkan welcome to Atlas! You’re in luck as the trading aspect of the games up and running pretty well in the games current state and we do alot of trade runs together here in the Org. As for Exploration when that comes up we may be flying together! So since you’re new feel free to ask questions about anything and for backup if the need arises :slight_smile:

Right now I’m learning the ropes in a Cutlass Black, pretty solid ship, can’t wait to hop back in in 8 hours.

That’s a good all around ship right now. Use it often.

Cutlass black is the pickup of the verse. Cant go wrong with it for many aspects of the game. Welcome to ADI.

Welcome Volkkan to ADI, i cant wait till i seee you in the verse =D

Hello Volkkan and welcome!

Which division are you looking to join? I always like to hear someone else interested in exploration!

See you in the 'verse!