Introducing Poole30037406

Good Evening Everyone,

I am fairly new to getting into star citizen and for 3 years of having the game ichave never played it becuaee of not being able to locate anyone in the UK to play with. I am Michael 33 from Scotland looking to learn and play with the best gamers in Star Citizen.

I have things to learn within star citizen and things to be taught and would enjoy being a part ofnthis group to learn,develop and sum along aide like minded people.


Welcome to ADI !

Thank you kindly,

N3ed to start looking at becoming a member and playign along side now.

Hop on Mumble and you’ll regularly see people on.
Hop on Discord and you’ll be able to ask questions related to whatever you need. :+1:

I havent seen your discord server anywhere i am sorry to say and im be on Mumble tomorrow

Welcome to ADI Polle, Look forward to seeing you in the Verse.

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Welcome to ADI, there’s loads of us in the UK and even more within Europe and across other GMT friendly timezones! What sort of game play are you interested in and what ship do you have? There’s a lot going on within ADI so once you’re onboarded through Mumble, have a look on the forums, watch the job board in Discord, get involved with chat and sign up for events. You can get as involved as little or as much as you like. Let us know if you’ve any questions!

You’ll get access to Discord once you’ve been through the onboarding process. It’s a chance to make sure that this is the right place for you and vice versa.

Hello, Poole!! I am Saphnon, a Team Leader with the C&T Division, and I would like to welcome you to the Org! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to seeing you in the verse!


Welcome to ADI!

Welcome Poole. I am from the UK too as are many others. looking forward to meeting you once you have completed your onboarding.

Well do i need to just jump on Muble to complete the on boarding process as i potetniall could do that today

Great hopefully see you then.

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Completing the onboarding process is crucial. You are not a full fledged ADI member until you do that. Welcome and hope to see you in the verse.

im currently Idle on Mumble just give me a nugde when someone is free

Welcome to ADI! Looking forward to seeing you in the verse!

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