Introducing myself

Hello all, glad to be here. I’ve been a backer ever since 2012. I’ve always been playing space simulator/strategy game genre. Been playing Eve Online, but always been frustrated by the fact that its all number based and not twitch based combat.

What drew me in to Star Citizen is that I always been a fan of Roberts ever since Freelancer and all the possibilities that Star Citizen generates.

In real life I am an economics teacher and I would love to see how the persistent universe would shape the SC market and global economy of the game.

Thank you all for having me.

Glad to have you aboard @Mariko_Musashi. When i spoke to you briefly you said you were in China?
Star Citizen is an amazing game to me also. They do push out new content and game play mechanics and despite bugs I cant stop playing the game. Hope to see you in game soon. If you have questions just get into mumble and we can help.

Yes, originally Im from New York, but moved to Shanghai, China. I didn’t realize that the persistent universe was out already. Last time I checked on the game was like in 2015. Been waiting for it for over 7 years.

Early KS backer, nice I still play a bit of eve not nearly as much as before.
Welcome to ADI, feel free to check out all the devisions if your curious about a ship feel free to jump into mumble and ask around to test fly the ships. Everyday can be a freefly day in ADI. o7

Glad to have you with us @Mariko_Musashi. You will find yourself greatly among kindred spirits here. See you in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI Respite. You and me both; I love Freelancer and I have high hopes for what CIG plans for SC’s economy. I look forward to crossing paths with you.

Hey, thanks everyone for the warm welcome, I changed my handle name so that it matches with my RSI handle. Apologies for the confusion

Welcome Mariko_Musashi, I’m also excited to see how the economy model will work, and really looking forward to them adding that into the game as we get more consistent persistence, starting from 3.8. Sounds like you might be joining the Commerce & Transport division - by far the best in the Org :smiley:

Hello Mariko, welcome at Atlas Defense Industries and thank you for joining. I hope to see you in the verse one day.

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