Introducing Kitrick

Hello all;

I am Kitrick. I have been a gaming enjoyer since the days of Ultima Online, and have never lost my love of pixels and parallel universes. I work a steady job, and have a very involved family life, and a mini australian shepherd named Arlo.

I have been playing SC for a few months now, and it has been crazy to see the influx of new players, as well as the great content updates. Really looking forward to joining a group with like minds. I enjoy scouting, exploration, escort and combat. Looking forward to meeting some new friends in the verse.

Thank you for your time.


Welcome to ADI Kitrick, I hope you enjoy your time with ADI and look forward to catching you in the verse.

Welcome Kitrick! I am glad that I was able to get you situated in the org. Hopefully you felt a warm welcome from the other members. If you have any questions and concerns, please feel free to reach out. I look forward to playing alongside you in the verse.


Welcome. Played in the Ultima Online beta and still have the CD they mailed us :slight_smile:

Welcome Kitrick to ADI. You will find a place to call home here and make some new friends. Looking forward to meeting you in mumble and in the verse.

Welcome to ADI

Welcome to ADI Kitrick!

Glad to have you aboard. Hope to see you in the game soon. Cheers!

Hi Kitrick and welcome to the org. Definitely jump on Mumble and join in with us. That probably the best place to start when you are online and playing. You will find that everyone is very helpful here. Also keep an eye on Discord and here on the forums for “pick up” groups and also check our Calendar for upcoming Org ops. You will be blown away on how well organized we are.

See you in the verse.

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Welcome Kitrick!

Glad you’re liking the game so far. For me Joining ADI has really changed the level of enjoyment of the game and brought it to a new level! Hope to see you in the Verse soon!

Hey Kitrick. Welcome to MSS! It was great playing with you last night. If you have any issues, please reach out to any MSS Team Leader.

Welcome to ADI Kitrick!!