Introducing HodgeGoblin

Hello I’m HodgeGoblin. I’ve been gaming since the original Atari 2600. I’m a casual gamer because real life comes first. I’m also a professional firefighter, and US Army veteran. I was invited to join on the RSI website.

I’ve been playing Star Citizen for almost a week. Been learning everything the hard way so far. Hopefully coming here and making friends help with that. Right now I’m interested in medical rescue, cargo, and information running.


Welcome to ADI HodgeGoblin, I hope you enjoy your time with ADI, look forward to catching you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI! Sounds like you’ll fit right in. Once you’re onboarded, look around the forums, check out discord, get involved with conversation and sign up for events! If you’ve any questions at all then just ask!

Hiyas HodgeGoblin! Welcome to ADI! We have several folks from military backgrounds here, both active and veteran. See you in the verse!

Thanks guys :grin:

Greetings, Hodgegoblin! Welcome to ADI! I’m Saphnon, one of the Team Leaders with the C&T Division. We have a lot of resources to help you get acquainted to the game. You’ll be an expert in no time! I look forward to playing alongside you in the verse!


Yars Revenge!

I had forgotten about that one. Great game, I loved playing it. Adventure was fun too, at least until you had the whole thing memorized. I hated it when the bat would carry the dragons.

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Hello Royal this is HodgeGoblin

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Welcome HodgeGoblin to ADI. Great to have another veteran here. I too am a veteran from across the pond, as are many here. You will find a great home here.

Hey there Hodgegoblin. Welcome to the org. If you new to SC and need help I highly recommend you jump on Mumble as it will be best to talk to someone for any help you may need. You can also use our Discord to share your screen when needed. Everyone here is friendly and always willing to help a new player.

See you in the verse.

Thanks! :smile: Yesterday I made my first mil participating in the 9 tails op both times. It was fun.

Glad to have you here in MSS @Hodgegoblin! I hope you’ve been able to make a lot of money these last few days. If you have any issues, please reach out to any MSS Team Leader.

Welcome to ADI HodgeGoblin!!