Introducing Hayden

Hi my name is Hayden. I’ve been playing Star Citizen for a month and a half now and have loved it more and more as I play it. Looking to enjoy playing it when I am not working with a group of motivated and fun loving people like myself. If i can help in any way just let me know and ill be more than glad to. Thank you!


Welcome to ADI Hayden, Look forward to seeing you in the verse.

Nice to have you in the org. Good to get to know you and think you will definitely find some good people here to play with. Cheers!

Hi Hayden, welcome to ADI. This game is definitely what you make of it. It’s a beautiful, interesting but small sandbox ATM (small - after you’ve played for 100s and 100s of hours) but the community here at ADI make it awesome, keeps it interesting and has shown me the potential for working as a team. Spend some time finding your feet and don’t be afraid to get more involved. Welcome to ADI!

Welcome Hayden to ADI. Looking forward to playing with you.

Hi Hayden! Welcome to ADI!

Welcome aboard, Hayden!! Glad to have you with us. What division has your attention?


Welcome to the org Hayden. You’ve come to the right place. Our members are always eager to help new players. Don’t be shy and there are no dumb questions. See you on Mumble and in the verse.