Introducing DaveSkii

Im from the United Kingdom. 20 years old and fairly new to Star citizen.

Mainly focused on fleet security. for now :slight_smile:


Welcome to ADI DaveSkii, Look forward to seeing you in the verse.

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Good to meet you DaveSkii. Looking forward to seeing you through your Fleet Security flight training and certs. Cheers!

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I’m in the UK as well. There’s, loads of people here that play on Eurozone friendly times. What did you play before this and what brought you to SC? Welcome to ADI.

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I played Elite Dangerous along with alot more games. But i still play many games aside from SC, However SC is becoming my main game very quickly. Love it and love the community. what bought me to SC was just coming across it on youtube on day when i was watching space videos. I think obsidian ant, but thats how :)) Glad i did because its been amazing so far in the 3 months ive played.

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Welcome to ADI DaveSkii. Good to have another brit here. This is a great game, even with all the bugs. You will enjoy it. And welcome to Fleet Security.

Welcome to ADI!! I see all the UK players are already introducing themselves. Many more. Looking forward to playing with you in the verse!

Welcome to the team, Daveskii!

We are happy that you have chosen to join ADI! I look forward to seeying you in the verse!


I love that you were “watching space video’s” it’s the kind of mind numbing thing I do at times. I never got into Elite but I think Obsidian Ant is a good content creator and wish he’d move over to covering more of SC. Even a weekly round up video would be good. What will you get into within Fleet Security? Are you into FPS, Fighter combat, Big ships, ground vehicles or all of the above?

Welcome to the org DaveSkii. Make sure to join in on Mumble. You’ll find someone willing to show you the ropes of the verse. You can also ask question on Discord if you can’t do voice comms. See you in the verse.

Im getting grips with how Bounty hunting works. Along with FPS missons, They are my main focus as of now and really want to get into fighter combat :D, i used to play solo as i dont really have friends that can or play SC. But i was on for a few hours with some people from this org after the onboarding doing ERT Bounties, And i really had fun for the first time in a while. Cant wait to get involved more and more in this Org


Are you on a HOTAS or hosas?