Hiya folks, Pyreal (Aaron) here, usually go by Pyreal Rabbit. Points if you get the reference.

Not quite sure what I want to do in game yet, it will have to be a taste and see situation.

My pledge ship is a Cutlass Red and I like the idea of S&R. I find I generally play support classes in games.

I also have an Eclipse because my favorite ship in Descent: Freespace was the Medusa bomber, and because I like explosions. :smiley:

Salvaging really appeals to me and I did a lot of it in EVE. I’m hoping for a mid size salvage ship as the Reclaimer is too rich for my county blood.

This anniversary sale I’m going to get the Cutlass Blue and something to do some light hauling with, maybe a Hull A or MAX. Want to at least give hauling a try. Also eyeballing an Avenger. I have more LTI tokens than I do ships so figure I should make use of them. Keeping my Kue though.

I bought three of the Cyclones and can’t wait for the tank, I like tanks… they make stuff explode. :smiley:

I have a Gladius that I’m going to CCU to the Valiant because I stink at pewpew and run out of ammo all the time.

Well, this got a little longer than I figured… o7

Seeya in the 'verse.


Hello Pyreal. Welcome to ADI.

The Cutlass Red is a good choice for a ship. It will be interesting to see how the rework affects it. Nonetheless S&R should be some fun and engaging gameplay. I’m sure any ADI members you rescue will be immensely grateful for the assistance. Talk about a way to make some friends. :wink:

Glad to have you on board.


Welcome aboard!

Thanks for the interesting intro post, and looks like you got a clear idea where you want to go within the Verse. Very good thing to see, and I’m more then willing to help escort Support Personnel. I think you found a good home within ADI, and time will show that to you as well. If you ever have any questions about the Org or Star Citizen in general, do feel free to reach out to me in PM’s or find me on mumble when I’m not stuck at work :smiley:

Again, Welcome to ADI!


Pyreal welcome to ADI sounds like you have a nice fleet started and looking to build on it, anyone can learn to dogfight don’t worry about that and I think that they red pilots are going to be some of the unsung heroes when the game goes live see you in the PU


Thanks for the welcome!

Forgot to mention…
I’ve played a fair amount of FPSs such Quake, CS:S, DOD:S, PlanetSide1&2, BF2142, TF2, COD2, BF2. Star Marine’s more tactical mindedness reminds me of the original Rainbow Six from back in the '90s.

I’m curious how the FPS element will be embedded in SC, and really curious about Titan armor. MAX CRASH!! :mrgreen:


Hi Pyreal,

It’s great to have you with us here at ADI. That’s great you’re interested in doing some medical type roles. That should prove to be an interesting role and much appreciated role. 3.0 is coming out soon hopefully, so I hope will bring some new and interesting experiences for all of us. All the best to you


Welcome to ADI Aaron.

The great thing about Star Citizen is that there will be so much to do and a variety of different options. I myself also have an Eclipse what a sweet design I have to say. Search and Rescue should be a blast. Besides Star Citizen I was wondering what other games you enjoy playing. I myself have been playing League of Legends and Destiny 2. Hope you are having a great weekend and thanks for joining ADI.


Welcome to ADI Pyreal :slight_smile:

Very nice to talk to you in the onboarding. Hope you find yourself at home here.
Hope on Mumble and Discord to join up with people.

See you in the Verse!


Welcome Pyreal Rabbit, and welcome back to SC.
You are probably looking forward to the upcoming PTU?

I gotcha with being low on Ammo, some habit I try to get rid of myself, too.
Congratz on onboarding and thank you for joining ADI.


Welcome to ADI Pyreal! I look forward to seeing you out in the verse with us!


Welcome to ADI Pyreal! I hope CIG comes up with some good mechanics with the Medical Ships, like resurrections and stuff like that or maybe something even more complex. A Cutlass Blue looks good but a Cutlass Black is a good ship too, I call it the pickup of the Verse and you have more Cargo. And ADI currently uses it for Ops. The Eclipse looks good and has some big missiles but I would hate to be without an escort. Keep practicing with the Gladius and get a good Hotas, you may become an ADI ACE one day? Sounds like you have a nice little fleet going! See you soon in the Verse and don’t forget to sign up for this weekend’s OP!


Welcome aboard Pyreal. I played Eve as well, for almost 5 years. Glad to see another one come over. You’ll love it here.


Welcome, Pyreal. Great to have you in ADI! Sounds like you have a quite varied arsenal at your disposal. Can’t wait to see what you do with em in the 'Verse!


Welcome Pyreal to ADI, glad to have you with us and cant wait till i see you in the verse man