Hello everyone, my name is Shawn and I’m getting back into Star Citizen again with 3.0 right around the corner. I’ve kept up with updates but haven’t done much in-game since the release of 2.6. Currently I’m sitting on a Carrack, Reclaimer, Starfarer, Eclipse, Sabre Comet, and some ground vehicles. Definitely like the exploration aspect with the Carrack but also interested in support and salvage with the other larger ships. Looking to upgrade the Sabre for a Vangaurd Warden when the chance opens back up.

As for me personally I currently reside in New Orleans Louisiana and work for Boeing. We are in the Michoud Assembly Facility (which is the same facility the Saturn V core stage and Shuttle external fuel tanks were made in) as the prime contractor building NASA’s SLS rocket. Before that it seems like I’ve lived all over spending time in Texas, Florida, and California working for SpaceX as part of the launch pad fabrication crew, hence the GSE part of my name which stands for Ground Support Equipment.

So that obviously means I’m very interested in space and manned spaceflight which really endears me to the universe Star Citizen is trying to create. I don’t have a ton of game experience especially with open world stuff like MMOs. But I’m handy enough with a gun or in a ship to be helpful. I still need to finish on-boarding so I’ll take care of that soon.

Hi Shawn,

Welcome to ADI! Thanks so much for your lengthy intro. I found it to be interesting. Your job sounds fascinating. With 3.0 around the corner that should be a fun time for you to explore a bit of the game world, as it will be for all of us. I’m looking forward to getting to know you more over time. Check out mumble and play some games with people if you like–it’s a great way to get to know ADI members. Our calendar also has events and meeting times that are always a good time. It’s great having you with us. See you around.

Welcome Aboard!

Thought I had alot of ships, you show me up good sir. Look forward to flying with you and getting to explore your ships once they are in the verse :smiley:

If you ever wanna shoot the can and chit chat, hit me up in PM’s or if I’m on mumble feel free to jump in the channel with me. Glad to have you, and welcome to ADI!

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries ShawnGSE!

Hello Shawn. Welcome to ADI.

I think many people are thinking the same things about coming back for 3.0. I’m excited as well to finally be able to explore some of the aspects of the game that aren’t simply based around fighting.

Sounds like you’ve got an interesting job at Boeing. Fits well with your interest in SC. Hope to see you onboard soon!

Hey there ShawnGSE,
Welcome to ADI!

I got quite interested in your job, that sounds like a dream job for me!!
Looking forward to meeting up!

hey ShawnGSE, Welcome ADI thank you for that detailed introduction. Sounds like a good fleet you have going and a great job too. i look forward to seeing you in the PU. :slight_smile:

Nice fleet! Welcome to ADI!

Hello Shawn! I love that you have a Carrack and an Eclipse two of my favorite ships!!! I can’t wait to fly with you and chat with you in Mumble! If you have any questions I would love to asssit but besides that would love to fly with you in the verse because you have the same exact attitude that I have for SC! Hope you have a great day and a wonderful week and hope we talk soon!

welcome to ADI Shawngse looks like you have a great fleet, and some first hand knowledge when the how realistic is this conversations start up I can’t wait to listen to those conversations and learn what I can, I have done some traveling of my own over the last several years, just in the service industry not anything as exciting as your field. look forward to seeing you around.