Hi guys.
Had a nice chat with a couple of cool dudes in mumble. My name is martin, i’m 59 nearly 60 years old.Born and bred in England but have been living in Ireland for the past 25 years. Love gaming and looking forward to some immersive space action. I don’t mind what role i play, would like to be flexible and fill in where needed.I like the idea of explorer/cargo type play to start with.I can’t remember what else i need to put in my first post,but if you need more info, please ask, i have a mid range AMD A10 black edition with an Nvidia 660 gtx card, 8 Gig of ram. May the force be with you. :wink:

Cool, looks like I get to be the 1st one to say “Welcome Aboard Mate!”. I’m somewhat new myself, but I think you’ll find the Admins & Members here really are a great lot! Looking forward to hearing from you in Mumble. Feel free to post any questions you might have, there is some real talent here standing by just to help.
Cheers! :smiley:

Hey Cos! It was a great talking to you earlier! Look forward to seeing you around soon!

Thanks me heartys for the warm welcome.

hey guys. Just got an email saying affiliate members is ending etc, however i’m not allowed to view the post.

You need to get on mumble and have one of the recruiters or team leads onboard you.

Welcome to ADI! If you are interested in becoming a freighter pilot, we will surely have a lot of hauls together in the future.