Intro - Thurim


I registered an account about a year ago on RSI when I bought the base package, and I received an invite from ADI.

I recently bought a more capable computer and am now very hyped about the release of the game and its patches, so much so that I upgraded and melted my package to what I have now: Cutlass Black Package (melted from a Freelancer) and Squadron 42 add-on. I also decided to substribe as a Centurion, for the perks but mostly to encourage the release of information about the game by its developpers.

I would like to touch to everything the game has to offer (the Cutlass Black being a more than capable ship for most jobs). I played a lot of EVE online and Elite Dangerous in the past, and I am now awaiting the release of Star Citizen. I never really was part of a large organisation (my choice of the Cutlass permitting solo play), but I am ready to help in any way.

What more to say… I am a university student in the Environmental management sector, and I’ve had a couple internships in non-profit org and municipalities.

If you have problems understanding my choice of words, I may be because I’m a French Canadian from Quebec.

Thank you for considering me as part of your clan.

Vincent a.k.a. Thurim

Hi Thurim!

Glad to have another believer on board! Supporting development and transparency is important (imho) and ultimately will help everyone get the deliverable we’re all hoping for. Love the choice on the Cutlass, beautiful ship. Cool to see your interest in environmental management, what are you hoping to do after university?


Maybe work in a small town to assist with the implementation and application of environmental regulations, or some other job in the sector.

Hello Thurim,

Good the you with us. It was great chatting with you earlier on mumble. I hope your on-boarding went well. I look forward to playing with you online more. 3.0 will give us all lots to explore together :slight_smile:. See you around

Welcome Thurim! It’s because of early adopters and “true believers” like you that those of us late to the party (myself included) even have a game to play! It’s really great to have you here. Lots of early backers here and if you start to miss any of your ships the guys here will gladly let you borrow theirs till your shipsickness is gone. Hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome thurim,

Cool to hear your journey to joining the clan. It is a familiar one. Wondering what you play in the meantime? Hope to play with you soon.


Welcome to the family. I’m a Cutlass Black owner myself. Its a great ship for “testing the waters” in a variety of career fields. That’s exactly why I chose it. I’m in the exploration division in ADI. I want to boldly go… Another ship I own is the Terrapin. Can’t wait to fly it.

Glad to have you with us!

Welcome to the club Thurim!

I too first pledged when I had a cappy laptop and was forced to sit and forget about the game for 2 years. But here I am as well with a passable desktop. Still a long way to go but being able to play is a nice feeling.

Glad to have you aboard.


Welcome - been thinking of getting a cutlass but can’t decided between the black or S&R. Look forward to flying with you soon.

Hey guys,

Thank you all for the great welcome.

Da808Dragon, if you’re still wondering what other games I play, I have:
-Escape from Tarkov (currently in Beta)
-PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround
-Osiris New Dawn (I just bought it)

And a few others (I have in total 150 games on my steam account)