Intro - Tecnophi

Hi all!

Looking to explore Star Citizen more, and meet new people to play with. Hope to play with some of the group soon.

Little about myself:

  • Married with a toddler daughter
  • Engineer in the semiconductor industry
  • Avid PC gamer and boardgame collector
  • US West Coast Time zone

Hi Tecnophi, What board games do you play? I have a 6 year old and we’re playing through the campaign of Andor atm. It’s not a great game but it beats the hell out of snakes and ladders. I’ve been holding out for FFG to release Descent 3 but their latest game set in that realm has great reviews, I’m just not sure whether to get it or wait for a while longer to see what happens.

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Most recently we have been playing detective and escape room in a box type games. “Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game” and “Hunt-a-killer”. Other games that we liked were “Lords of Waterdeep” and “Mystic Vale”.

I have bad memories with the Descent series. Really cool minis, but it made the play group get too much in direct conflict. A bit too much cheesing the rules for an advantage. I think the last co-op game I played and enjoyed was Zombicide. Not a great game in terms of rules, but it is fun with the minis and on the easier side to learn.


Welcome to Star citizen and ADI! The Org Ops and trainings are a great way to explore Star Citizen and meet great folks to crew with. You seem to have great taste in board games. Hope to see you around the 'verse!

Greetings from the East Coast :slight_smile: and welcome to ADI ! How old is the little lady ? My youngest is 6months as of today…If you need anything feel free to shoot me a message! see you around the verse!

Welcome to ADI Tecnophi! I’m glad you joined the team!

She’ll be 2 in a few months, already acting like a full blown toddler and overusing the word “no”.

Already played a bit with Hellhawk and some of the other new guys. I joined late in my Cutty Black, just to see them in a fully Valkyrie crash in to a pirate ship losing all hands right in front of me. Cleaned up the remaining pirates, and decided to do a little of search and recovery. Hand tractored beam one, and scooped one in the side of the Black. Here’s to more moments like that with everyone here!

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Welcome to ADI Tecnophi. I’m glad you joined the team. I’m west coast too, area 250. I look forward to your coming out and taking part in our weekly mining missions.

Welcome to ADI Technophi! Enjoy the toddler ‘no’ stage. Time flies and the moody/I hate you teenager stage can be right around the corner. I didn’t think my hair would gray that quickly. We’ve been wanting to try Hunt-a-killer as it looks like a lot of fun. I look forward to be flying with you soon.

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