Intro: Stunr

Hello ADI,
While I created my original SC account back in 2014, I only started playing around last May or so with any regularity. Of course, I am totally hooked now and loving all the continuing improvements. Having fun with Xeno Threat, getting to better understand mining, and how/why to upgrade ship components. My primary role in SC is deep space exploration and data, but also combat/mission support as needed. I am excited to find a tight knit, active org. full of supportive and awesome people. Thank you for your consideration.


Welcome to the Team, Stunr! Lots of good people here to help out and group up with. What are you flying now?

Thanks TitaniumBlade,
Currently using my Drake Cutty Red as my daily all purpose flyer. Freelancer Max , Roc, and Prospector are being used for mining/refining. And flying Talon, Vanguard Sentinel for fighters. Unfortunately, it will be awhile until I see my Endeavor in game I think.

Welcome to the best org in the verse

Thanks FenStone…!

You’re defo in the right place. Welcome to ADI

Thanks FatHeadedZebra, glad to be here…!!!

You and I have similar tastes in ships; I have a Cutty Blue, though. It will be a while for me for the Endeavor as well…

Oh, cool!!! Ya, the Cutty Blue is sweet looking. Do you know what pods you want or what you want to specialize in with your Endeavor yet?

Welcome to ADI Stunr. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you.

Hey Stunr, welcome to the org. Glad to have you onboard. Feel free to reach out all the other members on Mumble or Discord.

See you in the verse.

I am waiting to see what the modular options and different game play loops are once the Endeavor comes in game.

Thanks Quelsar, happy to be aboard!!!

Thank you Mesachie, I appreciate the warm welcome! I’m sure we will see each other in the “verse” at some point…(but please don’t run into me) lol…

You’ve certainly come to the right place for an Organization with those goals in mind! Welcome to Atlas Stunr! Sounds like you’ll be in the E&S Division from what you’ve said so I look forward to working with you. Feel free to ask around if you have questions or if you backup out and about in the Universe of Star Citizen.

Thanks Zelphis, I look forward to seeing you around!!!

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welcome to ADI may the atlas fly with you.

Thanks Trayvian… looking forward to contributing…

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