Intro - SirHomolord


Just joined ADI and I’m terribly noob at Star Citizen and Forums. Anyway… I’m Mateus (may call me Mat) or SirHomolord. IRL I’m a 28yo jeweller, EU-based brazilian. Longlasting relationship with anything that flies and a sci-fi lover. Been flirting with Star Citizen for a few years, these past days the internet started waving it in my face again and here I am! Last experience was with No Man’s Sky and it didn’t last long because a vast universe without sharing is literally vacuum. Hope ADI brings a sense of liveliness and community to my new space sim!

bows out

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Ahhh a jeweler… you must be very familiar with the mining process then :). Which division are you joining? Are you going to do a lot of mining in game or is that a part of it you want to stay away from because it hits too close to IRL.