Intro - SimonLeBon

Hello to you all. My handle dates back to the first MMO I was a part of back in 1997: Ultima Online. Since then it has followed me through many online games. I started playing Star Citizen in March 2020. A couple of my miniature table top friends kept trying to get me to play and when Covid hit, it was something to keep a few of us playing something while trapped up at home separated.

I have a wife and child. I am a designer by day. I have web and graphic skills. I play lots of board games. I am a Seattle Sounders FC season ticket holder. I also officiate youth and adult soccer up to the semi-pro competitive level. I only have another three dozen hobbies. :slight_smile:

I love the game (when it works). I enjoy a little of everything in the 'verse but I do I lot of mining. Not sure I’ll ever be a great dog fighter, but I try. I like what this org stands for.

I started with a Cutlass Black and have grown my fleet to include the Prowler, MSR, Prospector, Freelancer MAX, Cutlass Red, Talon, and Sabre. I have vehicles Ursa Rover and ROC. And I have the Vulcan and Vulture to come when introduced to the 'verse. I’ve won almost half my fleet on twitch streams.

Within a few days of being in Star Citizen, I was invited to join this ORG. I never accepted the invitation until I started watching Hyndrosa’s twitch stream regularly. Today he convinced me this ORG is the real deal. The three rules are a breath of fresh air.

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Welcome to ADI SimonLeBon. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in ADI’s Mass Org Ops, my favourite element of the game.

Hello Mr. Simon and welcome to the org. That’s a pretty decent fleet you have there. I started out playing SC back in the fall of last year. I was having fun but once I joined ADI the game turned up a few notches. This game is just awesome in large group events and our Org is not just one of the largest but one of the most organized. I have yet to meet anyone in the org that I do not get along with.

See you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI, SimonLeBon! I spent 9 years in Seattle; one of my favorite cities. Looks like you’ve been busy… ;-). I look forward to talking with you on Mumble and running with you in the 'Verse!

Hi Simon, Great intro. Welcome to ADI.

Well that’s two points in your favor Simon! Dash Rendar for a picture and the Cutlass Black as your first choice of starter :wink: Congratulations on the ever expanding fleet and welcome to Atlas Defense Industries! Ask around if you’ve questions in mumble, discord, and here on the forums or shout if you need backup out in the more lawless areas of the universe.

Welcome @SimonLeBon to ADI! The three rules were what got me in, specially the third. Glad to here you have a Prowler it is by far my favorite ship and I love hearing about people enjoying it too.

welcome to ADI comrade !