Intro: SB_Ninja

Hey Guy’s!!! Fairly New to S.C…Looking of a group to show me the ropes and have a fun time with.

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Awesome Welcome!

Welcome to ADI SB_Ninja. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing you around.

Welcome to ADI! What ships do you like to fly?

Hi Ninja, Ask in mumble for help or advice and someone will help out. Welcome to ADI.

welcome to the show!

Those two things often go hand in hand around here - just don’t be shy, ask around in Mumble to tag along on anything you haven’t experienced yet and you’ll learn a lot while having a blast. Happy to have you aboard. :3

There is more to show then just the ropes my friend!

SONG: A Whole new world

"We can show you the world! Shinning Shimmering , Splendid.
“Tell me SB_NINJA when did you last let your heart decide”
“We can open your eyes, Take you wonder by wonder”

Ah sorry wrong text… I watched to much disney… But i think this one also apply’s to star citizen :smiley:

Looking forward to see you in the verse!!!

Hi SB_Ninja and welcome to ADI.

Be sure to check the Website calendar to see when the next Org Op is. They are really well planned and a very good way to get to know other members of ADI. :slight_smile:

Anyways once again, welcome to the Org and hope to see you in an Op.

Welcome to ADI .
feel free to ask if you need help.

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