Intro - Reifnir

Handle is Reifnir. I’ve been a backer and player of SC for years. I have a few friends in ADI who said to check it out. I liked everything I saw so now I’m here hoping to join.

I’ve played just about every role possible within the game. I prefer putting warheads on foreheads, but also enjoy mining, exploration, contract work, and trading. I occasionally RP my real life and play as a medic too.

Welcome to ADI! Looking forward to getting some good training in with you with CPT and some ground training!

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Hey @Reifnir! Welcome to ADI. I love “warheads on foreheads”. Best line I’ve read all day lol. Hope you enjoy it here as much as I do. Hope to see you around!

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Hello and welcome to ADI! O7
It was good to meet ya.

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Welcome to ADI!! Sounds like you will never be bored here. If you have any questions feel free to reach out!!

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Welcome to ADI. It sounds like FS will be for you but we shall see.
If there is anything you need let us know.

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Welcome to ADI, Reifner! It’s great when exceptionally experienced players join our ranks! Happy to have you!

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Greetings Reifnir,

Welcome to ADI! I have a funny feeling I may be using your medical services a lot in the verse… I somehow always forgot to put my helmet on before a spacewalk…

Looking forward to seeing you around.


Welcome to the ADI Family, @Reifnir.

Welcome to ADI Reifnir!