Intro - quiXilver09

Hello! quiXilver09 here, I was recruited by Hyndrosa a fellow Star Citizen streamer! Looking forward to being a member of the Org!


welcome to ADI silver hope you like it here!

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Hi Quiux, Welcome to ADI. How long have you been playing?

Welcome to ADI quiXilver. I love your handle. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward the running ops with you.

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Welcome! Glad you could make it in.

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Hey quixilver, welcome to the org and it great having you on the team. See you on Mumble and in the game. Make sure to get setup on Mumble as that’s the main tool we use to communicate.

See you in the verse.

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Hello! Only about a week! Long time backer though!

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Thanks! Been my only one since I was 14, back before the internet existed! ICQ peeps represent! It’s a play off of the surf wear brand Quiksilver

Welcome quiXilver09! looking forward to working alongside you in the 'verse.

Welcome quiXilver09!
Looking forward to meeting you in the verse.

Fantastic to have you be a part of ADI quiXilver09, welcome!