Intro Noctosu

Hi im Noctosu
Looking forward to joining as a Trader/ combat pilot
I have experience as a pilot and as infantry in in ARMA 3

Welcome to ADI Noctosu,

It was nice getting to know you this evening. Can’t wait to play with you in the Verse! Cheers! :smiley:

Hello Noctosu. Welcome to ADI.

Sounds like trading is something you’re in to. You’re joining at the right time. With 3.0 right around the corner there should be a lot more trading gameplay available. At a minimum we’re going to be able to see how the cargo and transport systems will work.

Glad to have you here, hope to see you around the 'verse.

Interesting combo, I’m interested in which ships your considering. Good to have you in our band of brothers…and sisters :laughing: cya soon in the 'verse!

Hello Noctosu,

It’s great to have you with us. That’s awesome you played some ARMA 3. We have some people that played ARMA back in the day in ADI. Any sim experience should serve you well in SC. Feel free to check out the forums to learn more about ADI and SC. Our calendar also has a lot of helpful information on meetings and upcoming events. If you check out mumble you’ll also meet many people playing other games while we wait for 3.0 and more content in SC. All the best to you

Welcome to ADI Noctosu we can always use more combat pilots what ships are you looking at or have? are you looking to have a few or try and find one that will function for both rolls?


Thanks for the warm welcomes brothers and sisters

The ships I have are a constellation Taurus for medium scale and high value trading. As well as a Vanguard Hop-lite for infiltration of spec ops teams

Welcome Aboard Noctosu!

Look forward to seeing you progress in ADI in your chosen profession path. If you have any questions about SC or the ORG in question, feel free to jump on mumble and reach out to any members. Or you can PM me directly, I can answer most questions and would be glad to do so.

Again Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Noctosu!

Glad to have another space trucker on the force, look forward to seeing you in the verse.

Greetings Noctosu and welcome to ADI.

Hope you are having a great week and weekend. I see you want to be a fighter and a trader that is great. I was wondering if you play PUBG since you used to/still do play Arma. Thanks again for joining ADI and I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Welcome to the fam jam!!!