[Intro] Mike Lowrey

I’m a man of few words (not according to my lady), so I’ll keep this short.

Name: Mike Lowrey

I love space (never been there in case that was unclear).

I’ve had a SC account for 5 years. As of SC patch 3.12 I feel like the game is playable full time. As such here I am.

My focus is:

PVP (not piracy).

Bounty hunting (gotta make some green for all that pvp).

SC goal: Build, own my one space station.

End transmission.


Glad to have you in ADI Mike, Welcome! Happy to see more bounty hunters joining the ranks. What ship(s) do you hunt with? I look forward to flying with you in the verse, and I hope to see you join us in the Private Contract Services Operations!

Welcome to ADI Mike
Looking forward to flying with you :smile:

Thanks guys!
@GoldRanger I mostly fly the Warden. But I’m going to buy and Arrow and or Gladius in 3.13. What do you hunt in?

Vanguard is a great ship class for hunting, i use a harbinger myself. I mostly hunt in my buccaneer, constellation andromeda, harbinger. i also love getting a crew together in the Hammerhead to go hunting as a crew, I would love to have you join me next time i take it out!

Welcome Mike!

Glad to have another Brit onboard too! Was awesome to chat earlier, look forward to flying with you soon

Hi Mike, welcome to ADI. See you in Mumble!

Welcome to ADI Mike-Lowrey. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to trading on your station.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries, Lowrey and congratulations on the newest iteration of Star Citizen grabbing your attentions back into the Universe! Hopefully one day they will let us build or own our own stations but until then the closest you’ll probably get is a Kraken Privateer or a Banu Merchantman.

Howdy Mike And welcome to ADI, and I love the goal of building and owning your own space station. As GoldRanger said the Private Contract Servics Division is the one for you.

Where is Marcus, is he woo-sahhing some where? :smile:

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