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Hi folks. I am Manada. I was in pursuit of a new game for a while. I am an active and hardcore Eve Online player (using the same name) since 2005, now trying to find something less “intense”. I did try SC a few months ago, well - didn’t go well ;-). not used to so many constant crashes and game bugs I rage quit just after 2 weeks of playing. I was playing mainly solo at that time.
Recently I rejoined SC trying to take a different approach. Part of it was to find a solid group of players with whom I could stick along and learn about the game as I go. I guess I just made it through that step. Thank you ADI for accepting me.

I love team play and a little bit of strategy. Punching mindlessly “F1” is not really my thing. I got used to big gaming organizations (I blame Eve for that) and I am not a stranger to the rules.

I like the game very much however I know nothing about it yet but I hope I can get t faster with ADI.
I’ve got a couple of ships. I bought them blindly watching YT (lol)

Litte background of myself: I live in NJ. I am a part-time musician and, part-time IT consultant. My passion is music and video gaming - I guess I never will be a role model.

I guess that would be enough for the beginning. See you guys later.

  • Manada out.

Bro, I got almost the same kind of background as you. I love music and video games as well. I come from bigger MMOs as well, working with small groups. I’ll tell you, joining ADI was definitely a good decision on your part. I’ve only been a part of ADI for a little while, and they have been so welcoming, and helpful, I couldn’t ask for a better org to join.

As for never being a role model, I can tell you that anyone can. My dad, when he was young, approx. early 20s, was in a metal band, and now he’s about to have his doctorate in lab science, at nearly 50.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing you and growing in the org alongside you in the 'verse.


Cool on your Dad, Shurikan!

Welcome to the Team, Manada! There are definitely a lot of people who can help out here at ADI. I can certainly relate to rage quitting in frustration; I’ve been doing solo stuff with SC since 2015 in brief spurts as tolerated. Despite the Alpha game issues, my experience has been significantly improved since joining ADI and becoming active with Members. I look forward to running with you in the 'Verse!

Welcome Manada, even with the game having its growing pains we still manage to find things to do as an organization. We always have people on or around and we are always willing to help. Most of us have been playing for quite awhile and have a lot of knowledge we are more than happy to pass on. Always feel free to ask a question if you have one we are all too happy to answer.

Hey Manada was great talking to you and getting to know you on mumble. ADI has tons of cumulative experience in game so I’m almost positive we can answer any questions you may have :). Don’t hesitate to ask me anything and I will see you in the game soon !

Welcome to ADI, Manada, if you have any questions or need any help please don’t hesitate to ask, we’re always glad to help. Looking forward to flying with you in The Verse!

Hi Manada, Welcome to ADI! There’s loads of people that know a lot about the game and they’re always friendly and chatty in mumble. It’s a great place to learn.

Welcome to ADI manada. I’m glad you joined the team. Good luck sticking with SC the second time round. The game in alpha, not unlike ADI itself, isn’t for everyone but there’s no better way to start than within the membership of ADI at your back.

Welcome to ADI! Group definitely helps make this game more enjoyable. And it helps you get over the frustration of some of the bugs, since you now have a solid group who understands and can commiserate with :slight_smile: Best thing, is as more work goes on, and once they actually move closer to beta, the bugs will go away. Enjoy the crazy ride, and see you in the verse!


I also used to play a lot of EVE, what are you looking forward to doing in SC? I am currently in commerce and transport and have been making decent cash on cargo runs!


I’d love to go after mission support, I hope CGI will implement some features soon.

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