Intro: KodyPine

Hey guys, just dropped my app for ADI. Have a couple of years in Elite and I enjoy flight/space in general as well as hardcore FPS. Im 36 and work in healthcare weekends only… So lots of weekday freetime

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Welcome to ADI. What ship are you enjoying? I love FPS too.

Hey KodyPine, Welcome to the org. Feel free to reach out to me on Mumble and/or in-game if you need anything.

See you in the verse.

Hey there, KodyPine! Welcome to the Team. Long time ED player here. What kinds of stuff are you interested in doing? I look forward to running with you in the 'Verse!

Hey Kody and welcome to the Org! Alas Star Marines in a strange place and Theatres of War is more like ‘Fog of War’ at the moment but who knows? Maybe once they bring in the Tonk we’ll get to sink our teeth into some real FPS in Sc! Ask around the place if you have questions or need backup out in the 'Verse.

Welcome to ADI KodyPine. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in Mining & Salvage’s Thursday mining exercises.

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