Intro: GrandFunk

Hey Folks! I’m GrandFunk (Railroad).

I’m a recent recruit. I’ve agreed to join Atlas as it seems like my kind of Organization: committed to a low drama, professional environment. I work as an Engineer, I’m married, and I play games for fun (and don’t necessarily have time for weekly raids, etc). I bought into Star Citizen to explore the universe (and maybe make a big score along the way). Hence, ADI’s anti-piracy stance is very much appreciated. It seems affiliating with such an organization should be mutually beneficial.

My gaming history goes back to the DOS era, Descent was a favorite growing up (though I was the oddball playing mouse & keyboard). I’ve played Freespace, Tie Fighter. Getting away from space sims, I also enjoy Myst (I think I’m about halfway through Obduction), Starcraft, Kerbal Space Program, and Portal.

I’ve pledged for a 315p (circa 2014), an M50 (hopefully racing will be fun) and a 600i Explore (there’s something about Origin’s aesthetic I find irresistible).

Thanks for reading, hopefully 3.0 will launch reasonably soon and we’ll have a game to play. See you 'round the 'verse.

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Great to have you Grandfunk. Another grown, time starved, engineer (mechanical) here. You will fit right in with ADI. Lots of great guys, very little drama. In all my gaming history I never got into Myst…don’t know how really, just missed it. I did spend countless hours in Kerbal ATTEMPTING to get live Kerbal’s back from the moon…never did it successfully lol. Great to meet you and can’t wait to fly with you!

Awesome to meet you GrandFunk,

Finally someone else that’s played freespace, Imo one of the best space sims ever! I too love the aesthetic of the origin ships. So close to getting a 600i. Let’s talk freespace some time.


Welcome! I never played Descent but I did play Descent: FreeSpace. Great game! Its what first got me into space simulators in the first place. Glad to have you with us.

Welcome Aboard GrandFunk!

Glad to have you on our team! Great set of ships you have lined up for yourself. I’m sure i’ll see you around with the other explorers.

Looking forward to seeing you in the verse.


Hi GrandFunk,
Glad to have with with us! 3.0 will be a fun time to try out that 600 :slight_smile:. Sounds like you’re a gamer from way back–that’s great. Looking forward to seeing you around.

Welcome GrandFunk!

Love your ship choices, and your desire to explore. I’m in the same boat but got antsy and switched around my ships a bit :smiley:

Good ole Tie Fighter days, that’s probably where I started with space stuff!

Welcome to the fold! Looking forward to flying with you!

Hi GrandFunk,

welcome to ADI, nice to have you with us.

Descent was one of the coolest games back in the DOS Area, most people had problems with the orientation and where is top and where is the bottom - but this wasn’t importent. The Steering was somehow likely the same as star citizen (or i remember wrong)

so hope to see you soon



Looking forward to having you fly circles around me lol.


Hi GrandFunk,
Welcome to ADI. Great name for an Engineer, as in railroad engineer.