Intro for Sparky2243

Hello, prospective member Sparky2243 (I have no clue why I chose that …)

Anyways, I just started playing Star Citizen for about 10 minutes and then started looking at Orgs.

I’ve played most space/sci-fi games since roughly 1985 onward (I’m now officially OLD at 40). I’ve also played a wide variety of MMOs: UO, Eve, Everquest, WW2OL, Wow, Eve, SWGalaxies. Also played a smattering of RTS, MOBA, FPS, etc.

Hi sparky2243, you prob chose the name because you started to shine when reaching 40. I’m a nova myself :sunglasses: Great that you’ve joined ADI. Catch you soon on mumble! Bye changenl

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Sparky2243!

Which division did you end up joining?

Hi Sparky,

Welcome to ADI. No such thing as too old for video games. Hope to get a chance to talk with you in mumble soon.