Intro - Fidel_Cashflow


I’ve been around the verse for a couple years now, but I really want to move into playing with a group of folks with likeminded goals/aspirations for Star Citizen. You can usually find me hauling cargo from station to station, but there is the off chance you’ll see me blazing around in something quick with missiles. Looking forward to meeting you all!


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welcome aboard to ADI @Fidel_Cashflow pleasure to have you and I hope to see you around soon mate

Cargo running can be a lot of fun, see you in the Verse and welcome to ADI.

Welcome to ADI! A group to play with makes this game so much more fun and we are a great group to play with :slight_smile: See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI, @Fidel_Cashflow. I picked up a Cat a month or so ago to learn the cargo hauling part of the game but the exploiting made me no the eager at the time. I prolly need to dust of that shiny beast and get on it. Hope to see you in the Verse. Which ships are you using for hauling cargo?

Welcome to ADI @Fidel_Cashflow!

How have you found hauling Cargo around in the current patch? I haven’t done much of that recently.

If you see me a around and want to blaze around, reach out to me and we’ll go find some pirates and general badness to neutralise. If you need an escort I am happy to do that too.

Love the play on the name btw :wink:

Hi Fidel, Welcome to the group. Glad to have another experienced player join. See you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI @Fidel_Cashflow!

Trying to do more of the hauling. If you need any help let me know. Hope to travel with you in the 'verse.

Hi Fidel, welcome to ADI. What are you hauling in?

Welcome board! sounds like C&T is your calling :smiley: see ya around mate

Welcome to ADI Fidel_Cashflow. I look forward to running ops with you.