Intro Chupacabra77

Hi, My name is Jimmy and very new to this game. It looks very slick! I love to learn this game and continue playing with great people from different parts of the world. My gaming experience

  • All Blizzard games
  • Fallout
  • old Atari games

Welcome to the team @Chupacabra77. How long have you been playing SC?

JIMMY!!! Sup my dude ? blizzard/fallout = all right by me! but make sure you strap yourself in for this one cause this games gonna be a biggy! look me up and dont hesitate to ask any and all questions my man!

Hi Jimmy, welcome to ADI. How are you finding the controls, everyone says it’s a big learning curve.

Welcome to ADI! I played WOW for many years, though it did get repetitive so I devoted money to other things :slight_smile: Starcraft is always a huge hit and I play that regularly still. Rest is pretty cool, though I will admit to never having played any Atari. Hang out with us and we will have you learning in no time. See you in the verse!

welcome to ADI @Chupacabra77.
Played Fallout 4 and WOW for a very long time. (For the alliance!, would kill Horde leaders weekly :wink: )
what part of the game interests you? Mining, bounty hunting, cargo hauling?

Welcome Chupdacabra. I’ve played about all the Fallout series except 76. Hope to see you in the verse shortly.

Welcome to ADI Chupacabra77. I’m glad you joined the team.

Since vanilla. I still play it sometimes. I really didn’t take much into SC2

Actually SC I was meaning StarCraft LOL… StarCitizen just 4 hours… LOL

starcraft is amazing! played that for hours. not much SC2

Hey there! Yes, there is a lot involved in this game. Controls are challenging, but a bit of getting used to.

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Hey there! Funny I still play vanilla Starcraft! I’m still big into WOW and some Diablo. But I’m really liking this SC again a lot. The ONLY issue are the server crashes that are making me hesitant to invest more in this game. I loathe server lags and crashes. Quite the downside of this game. But, we’ll see as it progresses.

Thanks for the ADI invite & I love to learn this game with ADI and hopefully have patients with the current technical difficulties

Hey thanks! I kinda stopped at Fallout after the Vegas release, but my kiddo is still full force on that with his Mindcraft as well. I hope to play online with you soon!


We should play StarCraft sometime :slight_smile:

Welcome Jimmy!. Hope you have lots of fun. and maybe if I free up some space on my pc we can play Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3. See you out in the verse!

Hey Jimmy welcome to ADI! prehaps after traversing the verse we should hop on some overwatch sometime? :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI Jimmy.

Look forward to seeing you in the verse.

Had a fun time Jimmy! You are a great guy to play with. Have you been having more game issues?

Hey there!

That was pretty cool and i had a blast! Just those server crashes… ugh.

Looking forward to some more times!