Intro: Cauzway

Good Afternoon,

I’m a former EVE Online player (7+yrs) who left EVE once I heard about Star Citizen.

I immediately signed up with XPLOR because I’m interested in exploration and adventure that awaits in the SC universe (I love story and myth; but I’m not big on role playing). XPLOR fell (is falling) apart due to drama. I came across ADI org from the org search function on the RSI website and immediately agree with the charter and structure that the organization has.

My personal life is busy and my current internet connection can be choppy; but I am upgrading everything in the coming year as this game begins to lift and I’m looking forward to flying with a good reliable crew of guys to party with. As I mentioned, I’m both an explorer and adventurer at heart.


PS: Big Firefly fan!

Hey hey! Another Firefly fan!

Was nice meeting you briefly on Mumble and I look forward to gaming with you soon! Exploration is a great division and there’ll be a lot for us to look out for! Are you interested in being on the ground or in the air exploring? Both maybe?

HI Cauzway,

Also a firefly fan! I think you found the right org for you. Hope you can stop back soon and complete the On Boarding.

Welcome Cauzway,

Glad you’re here with us. I’m also a Fire Fly fan! ADI does a great job at avoiding drama. Looking forward to seeing you around sometime soon hopefully

Welcome Cauzway it’s great to have you! One of the best parts of ADI is real life comes first. We all understand how busy things can get. I feel your pain in choppy internet. Here in Birmingham there are no good choices. Hope to fly with you soon.

Welcome to the team!

Welcome Space Cowboy,

I think you’ll like it here. One of our most important rules is “No Drama” so hopefully that staves off clan death. Hope to play with you soon!


Great to have you on the team Cauzway!

As you can tell - you will find no shortage of firefly fans here :slight_smile:. ADI is a great place so I’m glad you landed here and hopefully we make you feel more at home than your previous experience. Real life comes first.

Let me know if you ever want to try out any of the larger ships in game. Always enjoy letting people go for a test drive.

Looking forward to seeing you in the verse!


Wow, thanks for the quick and warm welcome everyone.