Intro: Ayeteeone

Hello folks.

ADI’s no-nonsense recruiting approach appealed to me. I’ve been watching SC for a while from the Eve Online universe, and finally decided to become a supporter. In game, the idea of exploration appeals, and finding those ‘niche’ jobs that make things happen.

Welcome Ayeteeone,

It was awesome meeting you today. I think you’re gonna be a great fit for this org and can’t wait to play with you in the verse. Let us know if you have any questions.


Hey Ayeteeone! Glad to have you with us! What ship(s) did you get when you backed? I can’t say i’ve ever played Eve Online … I still don’t know exactly what it is :laughing: Looking forward to playing along side you in the verse!

Welcome 81. Onboarding you now

Hi Ayeteeone,

Great to have you with us. ADI is amazing organized, I’m sure you’ll love it. That’s awesome you’re into exploration. Looking forward to seeing you around. Best wishes to you

@TheInheritor - Right now am flying a Mustang Beta - looking at a Freelancer Dur probably for daily ops.

@ dragon - I appreciate the help today!

To the rest, thanks for making the first impression really positive, see you in there!

Welcome 81!

You’ll have to get used to 81, it’s stuck :slight_smile: Glad to have you on board and looking forward to getting to know you more in the future!


Hi Ayeteeone,

welcome to ADI, nice to have you with us. Hope to see you online and explore some moons in the upcoming 3.0 release



@ Notuh and Aggrieved - technically speaking, It’s AT1(AW) USN (Ret.) . But 81 will do :slight_smile: I used to get the same thing on the old Mad Dog Lab forums, and those guys were primarily military who should have known better.

@ waterwalker - Sounds fun to me, are you on the exploration team? I have been reading and watching videos, everything I can find on the subject, and it is clear there are still a lot of questions about how this is going to work out.

Lol, I stand corrected. So much for my phonetic understanding

Good day to you, Sir Ayeteeone

It seems as though I was your Marine Corps counterpart during a portion of my service. I too went to AT school where I became a Marine F-18 Com/Nav tech for a stint. NAS Oceana was my school. Great to have a fellow service member here with a similar background. Welcome and happy hunting!


Welcome aboard shipmate! See you in the 'Verse.