Intro AlphaLobo

Hello all,

I go as Alphalobo until I decide to put into thought something I like better :slight_smile:

Ex military, loved gaming, wow player in the past. Wanted to get back into gaming with a community that respects and understands that we have lives outside of gaming and explore this new cool world of Star Citizen. Thanks!

Hey Alpha,

Welcome to ADI! Glad to have you on board and hope to get in game with you soon. What was your favorite part about WoW that you’re hoping to see in SC?

Welcome AlphaLobo,

Great to have you with us here at ADI. Thanks for your service. I’m an avid wow player as well, on and off over the years. One of the great things about ADI is that real life comes first. See you around some time soon hopefully :slight_smile:

Welcome Alphalobo,

Many of us are former or current service members and we definitely believe in “Real life comes first”. Sounds like you’ll be a good fit. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you settle in with the group. :smiley:

Welcome to ADI, its great having you with us!


WoW player in the past?.. You cannot leave! You are not prepared!

But in all seriousness I still play. Hopefully some of the best elements of WoW make it into SC.

Look forward to exploring with you.