Intro aljack15

Hello all…

Been on Star Citizen for a couple of months…
But still is a NOOB… lol

Looking forward to meet you!


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Welcome to ADI and to the 'verse on whole @aljack15. Which ship did you choose as your starter?

I first choose the Aurora for it’s multi tasking option…
Then upgraded it to a Cutlass Black!

At the IAE melt it to get the Mustang Alpha kit (for the 120 months Ins.)
And will upgrade it to something else later on…


IAE is really great for the insurance alone! I personally started with the Mustang myself so I am going to say good on ya there. The Cuttie is the best lower end (price wise) mult-crew/purpose ship.

I agree, out of all my ships, that’s the one I fly the most.


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Aljack, welcome to ADI! Looking forward to getting you into the org! Please hop on mumble and we will get your onboarding taken care of! Hope to fly together soon!

Thanx for the welcome…

As I said, I am a NOOB!!! What is mumble 8)


The instructions on how to are located here

Ho, it is "voice " app. First time coming across it!

Looked at this video for info : IS DISCORD REALLY THE BEST? - Voice Chat Platform Showdown - YouTube

I currently have Discord installed… Is there any reason to go the mumble way?


Welcome to ADI aljack15. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you.

Thanx for the welcome :slight_smile:
Is there a specific time where I have a better chance to meet more members?


ADI uses Mumble for voice chat, Discord for text chat and these forums for archived media. This is the way.

Got onboarded and become a full member, then you can meet all of us.

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What is the handle for Discord?

Ok, I will install mumble… :wink:

In ADI, it’s our goal to have all our account names match our RSI handle.

Understood! :+1:

Thanx for help here…

I won’t “waste” your time anymore lol!!

Now I’ll go back to my “attempt” to set up my dual stick TMC16000 gear!


Welcome to ADI

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Hey Al, welcome to ADI! This is a great place to learn about the game. I hope to meet you soon in the 'Verse!

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