Hi fellow citizens, started playing back in 18 but there wasn’t a ton of content so I took a long break. Fired the game back up not too long ago and I’m impressed how far its come!

I play mostly FPS and my only piloting skills come from the Battlefield series of games. I have a Mustang, Cutlass Black, Caterpillar, and Prospector so far but looking to grab a dedicated fighter next.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in the verse!

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Hey AfterSh0ck, welcome to ADI. You will definitely find there is more gameplay in SC now. Feel free to reach out to any of our members on Mumble to group up and play.

See you in verse!

Hi Aftershock, I’m into FPS too. There seems to be a lot of us. I keep crashing ships so I figure that it’s best to leave that to someone else. See you in mumble!

Welcome Aftershock! Alas no out of/into cockpit tricks in this game but you can still do some impressive work from a gun port or loading bay with a shoulder weapon! Look forward to seeing you around in the 'Verse and you picked a great time to return with the release of the new Xenothreat event.

Hey there, Aftershock! Welcome to ADI. Yes, lots of new content since 2018; I look forward to seeing you out there!

Welcome to ADI Aftersh0ck. I’m glad you joined the team. Mining & Salvage runs a mining exercise every week, like mission ops. I hope you’ll join in.

good playing with you today

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